So what is personal accident cover and why should a surgeon consider buying it?

Personal accident (PA) cover is designed to pay a lump sum following an accidental injury which could end or curtail a career. Typically a PA policy will pay a lump sum in the event of permanent total disablement from any occupation. Our policy will not only do this, but also pay a bespoke scale of benefits depending on serious injury.


The unique element about MediXcover’s PA insurance is that the scale of benefit was designed by surgeons for surgeons.


For example, for a surgeon, the loss of a thumb on a dominant hand would be a career ending injury. Permanent total loss of use of shoulder, wrist, elbow of the dominant arm would have a similar effect. Normal PA policies would not respond in this way.


PA cover is a relatively cheap way of safeguarding against injury, and does not involve any medical check ups as part of the deal.


Personal Accident cover is not comparable to other types of income protection insurance, such as Permanent Health insurance, Critical Illness or Life insurance. These are long term insurance covers usually recommended by an Independent Financial Advisor, as part of a holistic income protection plan. PA cover should not be seen as a replacement for this kind of planning.


Personal Accident insurance which is an annually renewable “General insurance” product, is designed to pay a lump sum in the event of an injury. This lump sum is intended to enable the insured person to make changes to their lifestyle, re-train, and cushion the financial impact of a permanent injury.


Our broker partners have negotiated the following cover on your behalf (see table below).


Up to 55

Between 56 and 64

Between 65 and 70

71 or older

Permanent Total Disablement

plus scale benefits (PTD)





Cover Time

24 Hour

24 Hour

24 Hour

24 Hour







£400 + IPT*

£400 + IPT*

£400 + IPT*

£400 + IPT*

* Insurance Premium Tax

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